Backyard Summer

Backyard Summer

I love my backyard in the summertime! The grass is kind of crappy and the ground is a little bumpy, but it’s the perfect place to host a messy play date! I’ve learned a few tricks over the past couple of years that have made our Backyard Summer awesome. I wanted a way to corral […]

How to Teach Your 5 Year Old How to Clean Her Room

How to clean her own room

Last week, I wrote about how we teach Red the value of a dollar, and today I want to share how I taught her to clean her room. When Red turned 5, I knew she could clean up after herself, but it took a lot of prodding on my part. A hot spot has always […]

How to Teach Your 5 Year Old the Value of a Dollar

The Value of a Dollar

Red is a typical 5 year old who wants it all. Long gone are the days when her tv shows had no commercial interruptions and she never knew what the heck a Shopkin  or a Hideaway Pet was. She is constantly begging for new stuff, and if you read this blog, you know how I […]

Take the Mother’s Day Pledge!

Mother's Day Pledge

Ladies, my favorite holiday is almost here— Mother’s Day! Oh man, do I love Mother’s day! Here’s my typical agenda every year- I wake up with my kids and open their cute handmade gifts. Then, my husband takes them to see his mom while I go out to brunch with my mom and sisters- kid […]

The Shell Fairy

Shell Fairy Snow Sparkles

The other day, Red got some mail. Getting mail is one of her most favorite things in the whole wide world. It came in the form of a brown cardboard box and it was addressed directly to Red, from “The Shell Fairy.” Her eyes grew wide as she watched me slice through the packing tape […]

The Job

photo (15)

Sigh. I can’t even believe I’m about to go here, people. I never thought I was going have to sink to this level. I never imagined I would ever feel so compelled to write a piece defending why I call being a Stay at Home Mom a job. And yet, here I am. Why, Jeanne? Whyyyyyy? […]

I’m ditching my K-cups


I recently read an article about John Sylvan, the inventor of the Keurig, and how he regrets ever inventing it because the pods are nearly impossible to recycle properly. Apparently they’re causing a crap ton of waste on the Earth. Ugh. You guys? I’m in love with my Keurig. And not just a little bit, […]

An Atheist’s Prayer for her Family

photo (12)

“Mommy, before dinner tonight can we pray?” Red’s question caught me off guard. I knew this day was coming, though. After all, we send her to a Christian preschool. If you follow my blog, you probably know that I consider myself an Atheist, so why would I send my kid to a Christian school? The […]

I Want Candy!

Easter Candy

If your house is anything like mine today, the kids are bouncing off the walls today! We have a lot of very wonderful and generous family members, so at the end of the day yesterday, I believe each of the kids received 4 or 5 Easter baskets. I’m not exactly sure…. it’s a sea of […]

Easter Egg Smash


Easter is on Sunday, and I’m in full prep mode as this is my holiday to host. I have the eggs all filled for the kids’ egg hunt in the yard, there are plenty of Peeps and chocolate bunnies to go around, and I’ve dusted off the trophy for the big game at brunch. What’s […]