Sink Crud Trick

Sink Before

If you’re anything like me when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, it’s a chore that often gets pushed aside. I know it sounds gross, but I have a tendency to let the bathroom get a little funky sometimes. The sink in particular can be a tricky area to clean as water collects around the […]

Long hair, don’t care

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When I was about 6 years old, my mother cut all my hair off. I hated it. It was so short, and I complained that I looked like a boy. My mom says it’s because my hair was so fine that she needed to cut it all the way back so it would grow in […]

Quiet down cobwebs


In the past 2 weeks, two women my family knows have passed away. They were both mothers, and grandmothers. They both left behind grieving daughters, who are all mothers as well.  I’ve known my brother-in-law’s aunt since I was 14 years old. She was a wonderful woman who always smiled and laughed. She was a […]

Shake It Off


Around here, we love a good dance party! Almost every night of the week you can find our family cutting loose and shaking it off to one of our favorite family jams. Dancing is good for the soul, amiright? Dave is the family go-to guy for all the trendy new songs, while I’m the super […]

Our New Normal


When it comes to the Meatball’s issues, I like to think I’m not a mom in denial. He’s been receiving early intervention services for a year now, and I’ve slowly transformed our home into a sensory-friendly wonderland. All of his toys are neatly organized in gallon size ziploc bags and rubbermaid containers, stored out of […]

Grandkids Measuring Stick #projectcrafthappy


Here’s a quick post for a quick idea for the grandparents on your gift list- Grandkids Measuring stick! Dave’s dad, “Pop” (as the grandkids all call him) has a thing for measurements and likes to keep a record of things. He’s always curious about how tall each kid is. In fact, I can’t even take […]

Felt Busy Bags #projectcrafthappy


  Today I’m sharing another crafty kid gift in the #projectcrafthappy series. My cousin recently had her second baby, so I knew this simple Busy Bag project would be ideal for her older daughter’s 5th birthday because she can play with these on her own without any help while mom is occupied with new little […]

Kindness Elves with FREE PRINTABLES!


Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? I was completely in denial that it was even Autumn up until tonight when it started SNOWING! I figure I should get my act together over here and get organized for the holidays. I’ve planned out our holiday greeting card, bought some gifts already, and I’m even getting prepped […]

Mailer Tube Ball Party! #projectcrafthappy


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about gifts for very small children, it’s the age old notion that they often love the packaging more than the actual gift. The Meatball spends a lot of play time dumping things out of their containers and then filling the container back up again. This gave me the idea […]

Dino-Land #projectcrafthappy


I received a lot of positive responses to my last post, Little Beach, in the Project Craft Happy Series. So today I’m going to tell you about another gift I recently made that is similar to the Little Beach, but less messy to play with.  Dino-Land! Start with a cardboard box. Any box will do, […]