Monday, March 3, 2014

#Moms4Moms Day!

A few weeks ago, the lovely ladies over at CT Working Moms compiled a beautiful photo essay, End The Mommy Wars, in which they highlighted differences in parenting choices and stressed acceptance, love and understanding without judgement. My mommy friends and I got together and did our own End The Mommy Wars photo series, as we thought there were some, er, important topics missed in the first series. To our surprise, the CT Working Moms caught wind of our post and they loved it! They invited me to share a wonderful event they are hosting in conjunction with The Bump- March 4 has been declared Moms4Moms Day! All day long, we'll be celebrating judgement-free motherhood on social media!  You can participate by snapping a selfie while holding a sign with a positive message for other moms. Post your pic on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and/or Twitter using the hashtag #moms4moms - you can even get your other mom friends involved and have fun with it!

It's easy to think that we women wage these "Mommy Wars" because we are "gossipy" and "judgmental". But I don't believe that. I think women are at a major crossroads. Our roles have evolved exponentially in the past century, especially compared to the roles of men. It has us all feeling a little insecure. 

Do people think I'm lazy if I stay home? Do people think I neglect my children if I go to work? If I do a little of both, do I make enough time for my husband? Do I make enough time for me? Am I giving birth the best way? Feeding my children the best way? Am I a valuable contributor to society?

The war is in our own heads, ladies! We need to all take a deep breath, stop trying to defend what we do and give ourselves our own pat on the back because we are all acting out of love. And that's what really matters!

Today in the Senate, there are 100 members and only 20 of them are women. In House of Representatives, there are 435 members, and only 80 of them are women. In contrast, the latest census numbers state that women make up 50.8% of the United States population.

Ladies, we need to fight a different kind of battle! It does not matter if you're pro-choice or pro-life, if you're for or against hospitals supplying formula for newborns, if you think healthcare should be covering contraception or not, and on and on and on. The fact of the matter is these are women's issues, and women are not adequately represented in the highest levels of our government. The majority of the people voting on these crucial women's issues are men! Our insecurities stem from these issues not being addressed as we women need them to be.

We have to unite as mothers, as women, to ensure our needs are served. We have to vote every chance we can, not just in presidential elections, but also for all primaries and every November.

As women, as mothers, we owe that much to our children. And that is something we can all agree on.

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